About Us

Grand Standard is the culmination of 46 years of combined experience in the piercing industry. The creation of this company was born out of the need to beautify our own display cases cost effectively, and with units that can adapt to our changing needs. We wanted to be able to show even our basics in style!

Questions? Email us! grandstandarddisplay@gmail.comĀ 

From the beginning of 2017 we have been creating different versions of these displays and testing them out in our studios. We have reached out to colleagues to discuss the needs of other studios in order to build in as much versatility to the design as possible. These displays have given us the freedom and ability to display jewelry and adapt as our inventory changes. They work for vertical or horizontal display cases. Each piece can be positioned at multiple angles and also vertically or horizontally while maintaining good jewelry spacing. These are the most versatile displays available.